D.I.Y. Psychedelic band from France.

Häshcut is a French four-piece psychedelic band originating from Caen, Lower-Normandy. Composed by Paul Martin (bass, keyboards), Raphael Martin (vocals, guitar), Tiphaine Moreau (drums, percussion), and Xavier Müller (guitar, keyboards). Upon the release of their first album "Please Do It Yourself", they liked to describe themselves as "A mix-up between Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd". Häshcut was infuenced by noise-rock, kraut-rock, shoegaze or post-punk, though since 2013 the group performed semi-acoustic gigs and experiments with folk music and pop elements.
Indeed their new record ГДЕ здесь стонердум? (pronounced Gde zdes' stoneurdum?), is a synthesis of this period. This release is a reinterpretation of theirs previous albums with more dynamic less saturated but still with tension and electricity. Häshcut like to say "We did a cover album of ourselves before someone else did it ." The quartet is already working on a next LP which will be psyche with various other influences (world music, industrial, surf...).



Upcomming Gigs

If you want to set up a show with us, feel free to contact us at: hashcut@gmail.com

Past Gigs - 2015 and 2016


ГДЕ здесь стонердум?

released 07 October 2016
LP Release (500 copies) by Mexican Cut
CD Release (500 copies) by Mexican Cut

Please Do It Yourself

released 07 October 2013
LP Release (500 copies) by Sieve & Sand Records, Guru Disques, Emergence Records, Dingleberry Records, Mexican Cut
CDR Release (100 copies) by Mexican Cut


released 02 April 2011
First press CDR Release (100 copies) by Mexican Cut
Second press CDR Release (100 copies) by Mexican Cut

Other Release

The Amazing Tape

released 17 May 2013
Tape Release (60 copies) by Gateau Blaster


released 6 Febuary 2014
CDR release (40 copies) by Mexican Cut



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